Loft Conversion: where do I begin?

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Converting an empty attic space into a functioning and usable room can be an excellent way of increasing your living space and ultimately adding extra value to your house.  But with any home improvements it is often difficult to understand where to start and what criteria to take into account.

Could my attic become a usable space?

Initially it is important to identify the suitability of the existing attic space for a potential conversion. Many lofts can be converted, but there are three key components that will need to be checked.  

Firstly and arguably the most important to check is the internal height of the loft. For this you will need to measure the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist.  It has been advised that 2.5m is needed to carry out a successful conversion, but this is negotiable.

Secondly, it is crucial to consider the pitch of the roof.  An angle ranging from 30 degrees+ is considered suitable for a conversion. Generally the larger the pitch angle, the more head height available.

Thirdly, it is vital to take into account the footprint of the existing attic space. Guidelines suggest that internal walls should measure 5.5m side to side and 7.5 from front to back. However if this is only a rule of thumb and smaller or larger scales could be possible.

Who should I to contact for a loft conversion?

  1. A building surveyor or architect:  On our homepage you will find a ‘My Tradesperson’ tab in which you can locate accredited and verified surveyors and architects. Their role will include producing drawings and designs based on your proposal, discovering if any approvals are required and project managing the conversion.
  1.  A loft conversion specialist. There are dedicated loft conversion companies who will take care of the project from start to finish, all included in one package. They often have their own design and construction teams.
  1.  An experienced builder. Similar to the loft conversion companies, some builders may have expertise in carrying out loft conversions and could negotiate a package with you.

And of course, recommendations from friends, family and neighbours are hugely important when trying to source the right contact for a loft conversion.

For information on loft conversions relevant to your location, please use our ‘My Project’ tab and select ‘Loft Conversion’ and enter your postcode.

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