Which Kind Of Shower Should I Buy?

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One of the key elements to any bathroom renovation is getting the right appliances to suit your needs. What kind of shower you will need will depend on your personal style preferences, the capability of your boiler and the water pressure in your home.


Electric showers
Electric showers work by heating a supply of cold water on demand by an electric unit.
The electric element heats the water quickly, providing you with a how shower instantly.
Quick and easy to install
Extremely energy efficient (99.7% energy efficient) with no hot water wastage
Choose from a range of styles and finishes as well as performance options.

Power showers
Power showers combine water from the cold and hot supplies and use a built-in pump to strengthen the flow.
Houses with low water pressure or gravity-fed water supply can still have a high pressure shower.
Great control of temperature and pressure

Mixer showers
Mixer showers draw from both hot and cold water supplies and usually deliver higher flow rates.
You need a combi boiler or immersion heater to provide ready-heated water.
Hot and cold water is mixed within the unit and the water delivered through the shower
Mixers with a diverter gives the option for multiple outlets from the shower unit

Digital showers
“the latest innovation in shower design and technology” Digital showers offer a combination of state of the art technology, stylised aesthetics and ease of installation.
The shower’s control panel communicates with the power unit to specifically adjust flow and temperature
Power unit can be installed in a cupboard or loft, out of the way
Hot water delivered through either the ceiling or wall, depending on installation
No unsightly plumbing on show
Digital showers are available in either Mixer or Electric variations The wireless models offer more design freedom.

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