8 Green Home Building Ideas



  1. Use Sustainable Building Materials: One way of ensuring your building work lives up to your ‘green’ expectation is by using eco-friendly building materials and products to minimise the overall impact of the work. Consider each element of your house including flooring, roofing, cabinets and select the most environmentally friendly options.
  1. Proper Insulation:  Good insulation should remain high on the list of components needed for a ‘green’ home. Over 50% of a home’s energy consumption is used to heat or cool a property. Therefore, to cut back on this percentage proper insulation can significantly reduce energy bills.
  1. Install Solar Panels:  Solar power remains an effective and efficient source of renewable energy. Although the upfront cost may seem high, the long-term savings make it worthwhile. Incentives from the government and tax breaks are additional benefits from solar installation.
  1. Energy Star Windows:  Similarly to having good insulation, is the importance of having energy efficient windows. The energy star rating on windows indicate that they are much more efficient in comparison to normal windows.  The lower the rating, the more energy efficient the window. Each of these windows can help to reduce your overall energy bills.
  1. Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Tankless Water Heaters:  Water storage systems are a great way of becoming ‘greener’. Installing a rainwater storage system outside of your house can collect rainwater that can be used for toilets and sprinkler systems. A tankless water heater will heat up the amount of water needed and won’t waste additional energy heating excess amounts.
  1. Eco-Friendly Lighting: Something so small but it can make such a difference. When taking into consideration light fixtures ensure that they can be fitted with energy saving LED and CFL bulbs. They are excellent for cutting down costs over time.
  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Use second hand or recycled goods at every opportunity in your bid to build eco-friendly. Recycled materials such as glass, wood, tiles are great when building a ‘green’ home. Remember reduce, reuse and recycle.
  1. Efficient Landscaping: A clever landscaping design can both help to protect and heat your house.  Shades from the trees can keep your house cool during the summer months and heat it in the winter.


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