3 Clever Ways to Hide Popcorn Ceilings

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Old homes are renowned for their beauty but with that comes not so beautiful popcorn ceilings, and no-one’s a fan of that! Check out these genius tips that will give your room an impressive makeover and ultimately fix those popcorn ceilings.


  1. Scrape It AwayPossibly the most obvious of ways, but by scraping it away you will never have to worry about popcorn ceilings again. Start by covering the walls and floors with a plastic drop cloth or an old sheet and switch off the power supplies.  The next step is to saturate the popcorn layer with water and begin scraping. Once you have completed this it is important to touch up the ceiling with jointing compound then sand and buff it out. And voila you are ready to paint!
  2. Plank Over ItSkip the time and effort needed to scrape the popcorn off and completely plank over it. Attach thin but good quality wood planks to the ceiling using a ‘no nails’ adhesive before securing them in place with a nail gun. It is very cost effective and stylish way to cover popcorn ceilings!
  3. Tile Over ItIf the above is not for you, why not try something different and tile the ceiling. Faux-tin Styrofoam tiles can add an elegant touch – and again, no scraping necessary!

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