Is Electrochromic Glazing the future for all windows?

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The new glass technology has already entered the workplace, hospitals and hotels but will it become as popular in our homes? Electrochromic glazing, or otherwise known as ‘smart glass’ has a pretty impressive way of transforming glazed areas.


But what is it?

The unique selling point of electrochromic glazing is its clever ability to change from transparent to completely opaque with a simple click of a button.  Not only does it go from one to the other but users gain the ability to control the levels of light and heat. Similarly, this type of glass has the capability to both partially block light whilst sustaining a clear view, unlike that of curtains or blinds.

Having the option to tint your windows allows you to manage light glare and heat penetration that enters a room. If you opt to make the windows completely opaque then you are able to trap the heat in, whereas if you select the frosting effect then natural light can still enter.  

What is the science behind it?

In simple terms, electrochromic glazing works as a result of an electrical current that passes through the glass which triggers particles to move to obtain the desired effect – whether it be opaque, frosted or transparent. And the best thing about it is that it only requires a click of a button!

What’s the future for Electrochromic glazing ?

There are more and more smart glass technologies entering the market, including electrochromic glazing. The current ones on the market appeal to users wanting the option of privacy and light control, as well as a high tech quality and aesthetic appearance.

However, smart glass technology still remains a niche market and can be very expensive. Therefore, we are unlikely to see this type of technology become popular in homes for a while yet – well at least until it becomes more affordable and mainstream!

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