Choosing a New Front Door

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It’s not everyday that you need to buy a new front door, so you may be unsure on what choices are available to you. There are lots of things to consider when shopping for a new front door. What type of door do you need? Although uPVC door are a cheap and popular option, they might not suit every home. Wooden doors can be expensive to buy but can provide that traditional essence. However, there is a newer alternative, known as composite doors. These type of doors benefit from having the appearance of wooden doors but at a much more affordable price.

After deciding on the type of door that would both suit the style of your property and your budget, it is vital to consider other factors. It is important to check that the appearance and style of the front door matches the existing windows and doors. When you find a door that fits this criteria, you can add your personal touches and additions to it.

Arguably the next key consideration when choosing a new front door is its overall functionality. For properties that are located in high-crime areas, it is crucial that your door provides you with the additional security you require. Criminals have learnt tricks to bypass single lock and standard security doors, so consider a door with the highest security functions. Multi-point locks can help provide an additional level of security.

Slightly lower down on the list of considerations but equally very important is the doors energy efficiency. With energy bills on the rise, a front door that lets the draft in and the heat escape is not very sustainable. Therefore, keep your eye out for a front door that has good thermal insulation to help to reduce your energy bills. Composite doors are great for this, and they also block of external noise too!

After you have taken all these points on board, you must review the doors durability. The cheap options may be right for now, but how long will the door last?  If you’re looking for value for money and a longer lifespan, composite doors are for you.

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