Space Saving Storage for Clever Kitchens

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Whether you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, or you’re less blessed in the spacious kitchen department, everyone can benefit from clever kitchen storage ideas.

small-kitchen-design____Keeping storage in mind from the moment you start your kitchen design is a great way to ensure the flow of the kitchen isn’t disturbed, and all of the storage choices you make can be much more natural. Fitted storage solutions maximise space and give a beautifully streamlined look.

  • Don’t overlook any surface space’s storage potential. The end of a unit or kitchen island can be utilised with a shelf or hooks with little extra effort.
  • Integrate internal storage solutions into units, especially corner ones. There are lots of products available to suit this task and with a little research you can maximise the usage of awkward spaces like corners.
  • Consider wall mounted storage. If you have a blank sliver of wall, no matter how narrow, you can make use of it with bars and S hooks for hanging pans, towel hooks or even magnets for hanging knives. However, this might not be a great idea if there are little ones running about.
  • Storage can be beautiful as well as practical – open shelving with some clever lighting can make a modern work of art out of your crockery.
  • Use different-sized drawers in your design. This will be more useful than it first seems when your kitchen is complete.
  • Adjustable shelves mean if your storage requirements change you can make quick alterations without rearranging the entire kitchen.

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