The Solution To Small Bathrooms

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Whilst a lovely, spacious bathroom is a great luxury, it isn’t the be-all and end-all. If your home, like the majority of city homes, has a small bathroom you can still make it work.

When planning your petit bathroom you want to think about how it works as a functional space and also how good it looks.

We’ve popped together these tips to follow when planning your small bathroom.

  • Take your time with planning and shop around. Living in a house with a building site for a bathroom is a bit of a nightmare, so arrange as much as possible before making taking too much of your existing bathroom to the tip.
  • Draw a measured plan of the space and play with different layouts. You might find an option you hadn’t considered works the best.
  • There are plenty of bathroom fittings especially designed for smaller spaces. Try looking for baths that are shorter and narrower than average. Choosing one less than 170cm long and narrower than 80cm could have a big impact on the arrangement of the room.
  • If you’re going for a shower cubicle go for the biggest you can manage. Try not to go no smaller than 90cm square. However, always keep in mind that a shower over bath can be a great option. Installing a good quality shower door will keep the smart look of a shower cubicle without the separate space.
  • Using a slightly smaller than average basin with cupboard under will utilise the space you have. Look for a wall hung version as it will make the room seem as spacious as possible and a matching wall hung toilet cistern will complete the illusion.
  • Beware of very dark colours. Sticking to paler tones for walls and floor will also keep it looking spacious and airy, especially if wall and floor tiles are the same or very similar colours.

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