Top 5 Quick Home Updates In Time For Christmas

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Whether you’re planning a little civilised get together on Christmas eve, or if you have the entire clan descending on your home for the entire Christmas period, it’s nice to make the place feel special.
You’ve already got the tree up and the fairy lights down the bannisters are a lovely touch, but these 5 top quick tips can make the difference between a festive home and an inviting party venue.


  1. Move the furniture around. Although the sofa is already at the perfect angle to see the TV and the kitchen table is ideal for the family to sit around of an evening, this week your home is performing a different task – it’s now for entertaining. Try pushing your dining table against a wall. This makes it the perfect nibbles table but won’t get in the way of the inevitable party kitchen dwellers.
  2. Put breakables out of reach. This might not be so much of any issue if you don’t have children – or grown ups who like a little bit too much mulled wine. It’s still a good idea to pop those valuables out of harm’s way. You don’t have to hide them completely. It is the season you want to be proud of your home after all. Perhaps just pop them up a little bit higher or on a less accessible shelf.
  3. Change the photos on the walls. As Christmas is all about family, it might be a nice idea to get a few new prints on the walls! You could make an event of taking some family photos to take centre stage.
  4. Have a quick de-clutter. Whilst you might not feel like you have time for a major clean up during the festive period, it is worth having a quick whip round with a charity bag (or bin liner.) Now is the time to whisk away those piles of paperwork and to organise that drawer of odds and ends. Remember, anything that can make your job as host easier is a good investment of time!
  5. Adding some festive finishing touches. Adding a Christmassy cushion or two on the sofa, popping down a red and green rug or getting out the special winter-themed tablecloth. It’s a good idea to keep it tasteful, but if fun and bright is more your style then embrace it! You could even get the kids involved with some little homemade additions to the house.

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