Should you upgrade your kitchen before selling your home?

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A good looking, functional kitchen is a hugely beneficial element to any home, but it can also be very expensive to obtain. The question we’re looking to answer is – is it worth doing your kitchen in order to sell your home? Will it give you a good return on investment and will it have enough of an effect on potential buyers to justify dedicating your time and funds to it?kitchen2The short answer is:
There isn’t a blanket rule with this. Do your research and always proceed with caution.

The long answer is:
Give it a test run
Kitchens can often be very personal. So, what, to you, might seem like a shabby and dull kitchen space might be an ideal blank canvas for a potential buyer. One guaranteed way to see how people respond to the existing kitchen is to put your property on the market with the kitchen as it is. Make sure your kitchen is as well presented as possible in order to appeal to prospective buyers and ask your estate agent what the feedback is from potential buyers before you spend any serious money on it.

After you’ve spoken to the agent about any comments on the kitchen you should try and get an idea on what sort of offers you could expect with the existing kitchen. If these offers aren’t what you were hoping for and you feel that a kitchen would make the difference, try making the alterations and then remarket the property. This way you’ll save yourself from taking any serious risks and it turning out they were unnecessary.

Try small, inexpensive updates

A few minor updates can transform a sad, outdated kitchen and a bright, homely and livable space bursting with potential. This could be the difference between giving potential buyer the “this is the one” feeling and sending them away uninspired.

It’s always a good idea to spend a relatively small amount to smarten up your property so it looks attractive to a potential buyer. De-cluttering and tidying up is an obvious option. You could also remove all unnecessary clutter from the kitchen, dust and clean up, apply a fresh coat of paint and make sure there isn’t anything broken.

Going ahead
If you do decide that updating your kitchen would be worth the time and money, make sure it’s relatively neutral and of good quality. A bad kitchen could be even worse than a shabby one as the first thing a buyer will have to do will be to tear it all out and start again.

Here are a few ideas as to things you could do quickly and cheaply:

  1. Change up the little details
  2. Repaint your cabinets
  3. Upgrade your countertops
  4. Reface those sad old cabinets
  5. Add a new backsplash
  6. New, interesting tap fittings
  7. Switch the shelving up
  8. Rugs and floor runners
  9. Think about a free standing island or butcher’s block
  10. Create a colourful or unusual centrepiece to your kitchen

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For help and advice about your home improvement project contact your local Building Control team.

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