Toolbox must-haves for any handy man or woman


Even if you don’t fancy yourself as much of a DIY enthusiast, it’s always a good idea to have a fully stocked toolbox. We’ve put together this quick list of essentials that will keep you from getting caught out in almost all home improvement situations.toolbox-old

  1. Screwdriver set – From quickly tightening up the handle on a saucepan to tackling that flatpack set you’ve assigned your whole evening to putting together, screwdrivers are the base for any tool kit. Aim for a mix of flat and Phillips-head screwdrivers in a selection of sizes. These are available in multipacks to save you having to mix and match. If you want to go beyond the basic options then magnetic tips and comfortable grips will make using them easier.
  2. Hammer – Another staple of the house toolbox is a good, solid hammer. One end is used to drive nails in, the other side to pull unwanted nails out of wood or a wall. Whilst there are plenty of bargains out there, look for high quality over low price. A decent hammer could last you for a lifetime.
  3. Pliers – Locking, adjustable pliers also known as plier wrenches, lever-wrench pliers, and vise grips are very versatile. Because they lock in place, they can be used as a clamp, or a wrench, wire cutter, or just about whatever
  4. Adjustable Wrench –  Very important for tightening nuts and bolts or loosening plumbing fixtures. An adjustable, crescent wrench is a great option as it’s like having multiple wrenches at once.
  5. Tape Measure – There aren’t very many odd jobs around the house which don’t require the use of a tape measure! So having one in your toolbox is very, very important. Find a relatively long measure so you won’t get caught out with bigger tasks.
  6. Spirit Level – Whilst lots of smartphones have an app for checking things are level, you never can beat the real thing. Make sure you never have to see a crooked picture, a wonkey shelf or an uneven mirror again!
  7. Stanley Knife – For opening boxes, sharpening pencils, scoring wood and much more the utility knife is a toolbox Jack Of All Trades. There are a range of handles or blade options available so make sure you can shop about to get the right knife for you.
  8. Torch – There are lots of situations when a torch will come in handy and the majority of them can’t be solved by the measly light of your phone. So don’t ditch this toolbox essential!
  9. Electric Drill – Whilst a owning your own drill won’t be considered as much of a must as some of the other elements on this list – you can go without one for a while using screwdrivers or borrowing them – it certainly does make things easier. Go for a reliable brand with a rechargeable battery to make sure you’re not just wasting your money.
  10. Hacksaw – Hacksaws can cut through wood, plastic and even metal pipes so they are pretty damn useful! If you choose a product with a replaceable blade it can last for years as well.
  11. Extras – Whilst they aren’t technically tools items like safety goggles, work gloves, rags, pencil, superglue, duct tape and WD-40 will prove indispensable in your DIY endeavours.

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