Freshen up your home this January

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Giving your home a serious spring clean will do wonders for the feel of your space. We’re not just walking dusting the cobwebs away. This is a serious – inexpensive – refresh of your home!cleaning-free

Be brutal with clutter.
It’s a well-known fact that this one really does work, and is extremely effective when it comes to changing the stale feel of your living space. Grab a black bin liner (or, even better, a charity bag) and do an unforgiving clear out.
Leave no drawer unopened, no sofa not searched beneath and no very-back-of-cupboard raided. This is an incredibly satisfying and cathartic exercise and you can easily get carried away.
For example, lots of people feel guilty for keeping clothes that they don’t ever use, and haven’t done so for a very long time. If you’re one of these people, try your absolute hardest to get rid of some. Try categorising your clothes into “definitely wear”, “intend on wearing at some point” and “okay, fine… Maybe I don’t wear this very often. But look how beautiful it is!” Try your hardest to get rid of everything in the last category. Try thinking about how much an item could benefit another person if you were to take it to the local charity shop.
You can also do the same with DVDs, miscellaneous clutter drawers (we all have them) and the cupboard under the sink.

Clean all the windows
During the cold and gloomy winter season, windows tend to get grubby from months of rain and sleet. In the winter you don’t tend to notice as it’s so dark all of the time, but it does mean that at the first glimmer of springtime we’re left with a buildup of grime on our windows.
Cleaning your windows is a great way to give your space a fresh look this January, and the perfect place to start in your de-cluttering and cleaning journey. Clean and shining windows really do bring rooms to life, making them appear brighter and airier. If you have the budget, why not invest in a new set of curtains, too?

Minor updates make major changes
If it’s working and it’s not ugly, sometimes it can hang around for a very long time. Often this is great as it minimises waste and means getting your money’s worth from things. However, by just replacing a few tired, boring accessories you can make a real change to your home.
Think little finishing touches, new lamp shades and scatter cushions don’t cost much but can make a huge difference. If you think your space needs a bigger change you could try a new sofa, a set of curtains or even a new rug.

Remember, you shouldn’t throw anything away that’s still working! Just because you aren’t still infatuated with those curtains, or those drawer handles, it doesn’t mean no one else will be. Get them to the charity shop!

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