Five Tips for Conservatory Maintenance this Winter

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Winter can be detrimental to many parts of a building, and a conservatory is no exception. From the heavy rain and strong winds, to the freezing conditions of ice and snow, cold weather can be damaging to even the newest of conservatories.

But don’t panic – as we’ve produced a list of top tips to keeping your conservatory in top condition during the winter months and prevent any issues arising.conservatory

1. Repair Leaks
Conservatory roofs are susceptible to leaking and there can be multiple different causes. Issues include:

  • Unsecure cappings
  • Slipped roof panels
  • Improper flashing
  • Vents with poor shutting ability and seals

Once a leak has entered, it can be increasingly difficult to repair and prevent it. The obvious answer may be to reseal the roof, but this does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. However, taking preventative measures is highly recommended. For those needing a roof replacement or repair, we would advise you seek professional advice before undertaking any work.  

2. Keep Paint and Varnish Fresh
Wooden conservatories, especially timber, require more maintenance. It is important to frequently repaint or varnish the wood to prevent any flaking or rotting. This will always keep the exterior look fresh and good quality.
There are also many more advantages of regular painting/varnishing, such as:  

  • reduced potential UV damage
  • Stops any water getting in

3. Keep Gutters Clear
Clearing the gutters may not be the nicest of jobs and it can often fall to the bottom of the list. But a lot of debris can build up and start to clog the gutters. Therefore, gutter maintenance is vital.
Gutters should be cleared multiple times a year – ideally twice in the winter and once in the summer. This will ensure that the gutters will withhold any water damage, debris or insects that could cause some structural issues.
It is easy for organic materials such as leaves and branches to become clogged in gutters, especially if followed by a heavy rainfall. We would recommend that you frequently clear your gutters to avoid any serious issue forming.

4. Ensure that all Window Seals are Secure
Over the years, window seals and roof panels can become damaged or eroded, due to their constant weather exposure. This kind of damage can cause leaks and draughts to enter, reducing the energy efficiency of the conservatory. Inspecting seals and roof panels can help identify any potential problem areas and allow preventative measures to begin.
On the chance that you do discover any problems, the quicker that you can repair the problem the smaller the likelihood of any further damage.

5. Roof Windows should be Regularly Checked
Harsh winter conditions such as heavy snowfall or thick ice can lead to roof panels cracking and seals being damaged.  These type of issues can be detrimental for your conservatory and weaken the overall structural integrity.

To ensure that you get the most out of your conservatory, it is essential that these checks are carried out throughout the winter.


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