Creating a home gym

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dumbellsTired of the hustle and bustle of rushing to the gym after work to beat traffic and to make sure you get the equipment you need before someone else uses it for 54,000 sets? Sick of people asking “How many sets do you have left?” when you’re just picking up momentum or “Do you mind if I jump in?” because the gym is packed. Maybe you’re tired of paying ridiculous prices for facilities that you have to share with others.

If any of the struggles above affect you then it might be a good idea to create your very own, iron paradise. A personal gym that caters to your needs, where you can concentrate on simply training. However, before you get carried away with the idea you need to consider a few things.

“Is this going to work for me?” Home gym are a great convenience, one trip downstairs/upstairs and hey, you’re there! However, the social benefits and group environment will disappear. Do you have the motivation to train by yourself? Will you miss socialising with others at the gym? Do you enjoy the classes on offer at your gym? You won’t have these benefits at your home gym.

“Do i have enough money to build a home gym?” Home gyms don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Many people waste money on unnecessary equipment that isn’t useful in a normal gym, let alone a home gym. You can create a perfectly fine gym that will be around for the long haul for between £1,000 – £2,000. There are plenty of men that have been seduced into buying gym equipment for their spare room or garage that haven’t stuck to their new year’s resolution and will be selling them for cheap on Ebay and Gumtree. The chances are you’ll find perfectly fine equipment for more than half what you would brand new.

Select the right mix of cardiovascular, strength, functional and conditioning equipment to suit your needs and goals. Your home gym will evolve over time. Start with the very basics and keep an eye out for the upgrades you need. When the time and price is right you can make those additions. Just buy the essentials such as a barbell and plate set, a bench, rack, kettlebells, dumbbells and most important of all flooring. The reason why flooring is so important is that it will protect your house and equipment which will make your gym last longer. When you have these essentials you can think about what else you might need for yourself. If cardio is the most important thing to you then invest in a treadmill or cross trainer however another solution to fitness is simply to lift weights faster. There are plenty of muscle sparing training regimes that rely solely on density of repetitions and muscle sparing cardio in the form of bodyweight exercises. Long moderate intensity cardio workouts aren’t necessary to change your body, and don’t necessarily have to be a part of your gym set-up. Personally, if I really want to run I go outside.

Atmosphere is an important part of the home gym. Creating your very own space is enjoyable so get creative. Think about your personality and what will motivate you. Tailor your environment to you and what you would love because you’re going to spend a lot of time there. Maybe put some motivational quotes on the wall or posters. Invest in some decent speakers, music is very important for me, it always helps me go that step further, so you could get a sound system installed. Think about the lighting, temperature and humidity. The ideal temperature for training is 20°C. All these factors will have a direct affect on your energy and mood. You must ensure your space is safe and easily accessible.Allow space behind and around machines, make sure your ceiling heights aren’t too low because you will naturally bounce when using treadmills and things of that nature. There must be sufficient access for installation of the equipment. It will be difficult and dangerous to carry equipment/machines up stairs, even more so if you have restricted low doorways. Take these things into account before ordering your equipment. 

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