How To Improve Your Garage Storage

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Maximising the potential of your garage can be difficult. The space can easily become a dumping ground for all kinds of miscellaneous junk, along with the garage essentials like tools, bikes and vehicles. Rather than tackling the ever growing accumulation, it’s helpful to plan how you are going to organise and maintain your garage.bikegarage

Flexibility is a key component when looking for garage shelving, as they will need to withstand various shapes, sizes and weights. One of the easiest options in terms of shelving is free standing selves, as bracket units can be hard to install into garage walls.  If your garage is vulnerable to damp, it is worthwhile spending a little more for durable plastic or laminated shelves that will last longer than wooden ones. It is important that you make the most of the shelving spaces, this includes getting plastic boxes to store smaller object such as nails and leads etc. Labelling these plastic boxes will make finding things a lot simpler. Adding hooks can also be useful for storage, allowing you to hang tools, wiring and cables.

Cabinets provide excellent storage space and additional security. Adding padlocks will allow expensive items to be safely stored. You can also use these cabinets to store potentially dangerous machinery or tools away from children. These cabinets often have adjustable shelving, allowing extra flexibility. Alongside this, magnetic door latches are often included in these types of cabinets, making it easy to place and remove items. Similarly to shelves, the best type of cabinets are the freestanding steel ones. However there are small wall mounted ones are also available on the market.

Overhead storage
Overhead storage is an ingenious and very effective solution. Most garage ceilings will have the ability to harness an overhead rack. This will automatically increase the amount of floor space you have. Overhead storage system can be lowered using a pulley.  It is recommended to only use this type of storage for lighter items as hanging weighty items can be dangerous. It is important to take care placing and removing items from any overhead storage.

Although storage is very important, it is equally important that there is enough floorspace to work in there.  A solid workbench is an essential part of any garage and makes DIY much easier.  You can commonly find fitted work benches with vices already attached. Selecting a bench with additional storage such as drawers, can be very beneficial as main tools can be kept in arms reach.

Bike racks
Most commonly, garages are used to store pushbikes. But storing them can often be a nuisance, as leaning them against things means they can often fall and get tangled amongst other things. It would be recommended that purchasing a bike rack could be a good investment. It is a very efficient storage solution.


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