DIY essentials for 2016

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Nobody is a fan of doing odd jobs around the home, but essential DIY jobs often get forgotten. So let’s not neglect our homes any longer, let’s take the time in 2016 to do those much needed tasks. Who knows, DIY can be rather therapeutic anyway!

diyWith any DIY work, there is always jobs to done and the list can often be overwhelming. But we can face it one task at a time. A day off is never a day off when DIY needs to be done. The best way to start is to categorise the tasks into ‘small’ and ‘large’ jobs. The larger, more time consuming and costly jobs can be proponed (for now). It is good to start small and concentrate on getting the smaller and less invasive jobs out of the way. This way you can complete bits and build up your confidence for when you are ready to conquer the larger jobs.

Here is some DIY inspiration to ease you into 2016.

Painting made be classified as one of the more simpler of jobs, but it is a great place to start. Repainting rooms can instantly transform the look and feel of your home. Dull and dingy rooms can be a thing of the past as we welcome bright and vibrant new rooms.
In comparison to other DIY jobs, painting is relatively inexpensive. You can also make it a family affair or gather a few mates together and make a day of it.
Empty the rooms, throw a few sheets down and let your creative juice go wild. But make sure you do some colour swatches beforehand so you can find the best colour to suit each room. The more colourful and brighter the shades, the better.

Snazz up Kitchen
The kitchen is the perfect place for a bit of DIY. One, if not the, most important room in the house, kitchens are a massive selling point so quality is important. Even if you do not plan on selling any time soon, the better quality and the more durable the fixtures the more value added.
Therefore, snazzing up your kitchen is a must. But larger kitchen jobs and renovations will need careful planning and building work – so we will avoid these. However, there are numerous small jobs that you can get stuck into.  One idea is hanging hooks above the cooker to allow you pots and pans to hang in a rustic style.
You may want to repaint the cabinets, this is a quick and easy way to snazz up your kitchen. Transforming dark wood cabinets to fresh white can make the kitchen look much bigger, brighter and inviting. Simple things such as re-organising the cabinets can make the kitchen look much neater.

Fix Odds Jobs
There is always odd jobs lingering that will need fixing. But after putting it off for months, it’s just not avoidable any longer. Maybe one of your door handles is loose, or the toilet seat is falling off, or the cupboards are creaking. I bet that there is something that needs doing!
Keep a list of these small jobs can be helpful, and you can set yourself the challenge to get them all done over one weekend. It will give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick each job off the list.

Come on get your DIY heads on and start making changes.

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