Inexpensive Ideas For Jazzing Up Your Bathroom

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Inexpensive Ideas For Jazzing Up Your Bathroom

Are you getting bored of your old and outdated bathroom design? Do you think it’s time to jazz it up little without breaking the bank? Well, we are here to help! We have come up with some simple suggestions that are perfect for sprucing up your bathroom, making it both more stylish and functional. Of course we understand you will have your own tastes and preferences when it comes to colours and designs but consider this as inspiration. bathroom4

Add a heated towel rail
An outdated, over-painted radiator can quickly reveal the age of any bathroom. Heated towel rails are an excellent addition for those looking to improve the aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom. While you may already have a radiator, installing a heated towel rail can be hugely beneficial. There are even electric heated towel rails that do not need to be plumbed in, saving you time and money! They now come with the ability to heat water inside, so you simply wire them to the wall. Very straightforward and inexpensive.

Swap your shower curtain for a glass surround
Old and discoloured shower curtains are a key indicator of a bathroom in need of a little TLC. Design-wise glass shower surrounds look much better than curtains, and are a must-buy. They also boast more benefits, such as increased durability and allowing the space to feel more open and spacious. Although it is important to keep costs to a minimum, with glass surrounds, the price often reflects the quality. You may want to pay a little extra to ensure you have a decent surround with thick and shatter-proof glass.

Buy luxury fittings
It’s often the little things that matter most. Bathroom fittings and fixtures, such as taps, really aren’t as expensive as you expect. They are also a quick and excellent way to improve your bathroom. To keep costs down, online auction websites and resellers such as Ebay and Amazon, often stock a large range of bathroom fittings at a reduced price. When it comes to actually fitting the product, this should be very straightforward as they all should come with instruction guides. You can also watch online videos of installations to give you some extra help if needed.

Tile the floor and walls
If you haven’t already – tiles are a must. Tiles are a great way of adding extra colour and design into your bathroom. Specialist tile warehouses offer vast ranges to suit everyone’s tastes and needs, so you will definitely find something suitable. From our personal experience, large tiles tend to look better and are much easier to apply. Smaller tiles can be fiddly and take much longer to stick to the walls.

Now we hope we have sufficiently inspiring you to jazz up your bathroom.
A New Year – A New Bathroom. That’s the saying, right?


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