Should you convert your entire garage, or just part of it?

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One of the first questions you’ll have to ask yourself when you’re considering a garage conversion for your property is whether you want to convert the whole garage space, or just a section of it. There isn’t necessarily a straight answer to this question. It depends on your preference and your individual requirements as well as the size and type of your garage.garage2

What is a partial garage conversion?
Many people will choose a ‘part’ or ‘partial’ conversion, typically this involves the front part of the garage being converted while keeping an area at the back for storage. This is particularly useful if you’re a keen gardener and need somewhere to keep your tools, or if you need somewhere to keep bikes.
Partial garage conversions can be a practical solution for those who need extra space, but also want to retain some of the benefits of having a garage. If your garage is a little on the smaller side this might not be a viable option. If your primary reason for the garage conversion is to create additional living space then a full conversion may be the best option. However, if you have a standard-sized garage or larger and still want to keep some of the storage options of a garage, a partial garage could be perfect for you.

Is it cheaper?
Don’t be fooled into thinking that a partial garage will save you piles of money. Of course, less materials, such as insulation and flooring, may be required for a partial conversion, but if you require a power source the electrical points will need installing whatever the size of your garage. To avoid additional costs further down the line, always ensure that you think carefully about your requirements when you are creating a budget plan.

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