A guide to choosing the best roofing solution

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A roof makes up an integral part of a property. Therefore, homeowners need to take responsibility for the roofing, ensuring it is properly installed, maintained and repaired regularly. Whether you are looking to repair an existing roof or debating whether to opt for a new one, it is important you make the right choices when it comes to materials, efficiency and durability.

The current roofing industry offers a range of different roofing materials and services to its customers. This fierce competition can often leave customer unsure where to go or what might be the most suitable solution for them. Whenever you plan to carry out work on your house it is important that you carry out in depth research before selecting a service. In this article we have provided advices and tips for making this process easier for you.oldroof

From past experience in the building industry, roofing solutions can be very costly.  Whether you are planning on installing a new roof or repairing the existing one, the price involved can escalate quickly. But this can be avoided if you choose a reputable and experienced company. Therefore, it can be beneficial in the long run if you choose your builders wisely and carry out the necessary research.

One of the best ways to source a roofing expert or company is through receiving word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family and neighbours. This is a much more reliable method for testing the credibility and authenticity.  The internet can also be a very helpful tool for researching and reading customer reviews. A good roofing company should have their own website that lists all the services they offer and examples of their previous work.  The ‘My Tradesperson’ tab is a good source for you to find a range of services and companies that are local to you, click here and enter your postcode.

When enquiring for services and quotes, we would recommend that you obtain at least three different quotes for your property.  This will help to ensure that you are getting the best value and quality roofing solution for your money. However, you must also incorporate your personal instincts too, so arranging a personal meeting with the potential builders will give you a clearer perspective. This face-to-face meeting can help outline your requirements.

Other factors to take into account when deciding on a roofing solution is the builder’s experience doing this particular job, the costs, the time scale and complexity. An experienced roofing specialist should inspect your existing roof before advising you with your best options.  The overall cost of the roof will be dependant on the material and methods used, as well as labour charges from the provider.

If you would like more advice about building regulations and permissions needed for roof work, please contact your Local Authority Building Control Officers.

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