Is Your Roof Leaking? Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

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We often forget how important having a roof over our head is, until it starts leaking. And a problem like this shouldn’t be ignored. A leakage can indicate that there may be a serious underlying issue affecting your house. With any type of leak comes the possibility of further damage which could include structural damage, water stains and mould.
leakingroofThere are various reasons why a roof can leak, factors include weather damage, shingle decay and ageing. But the key is not to wait until it’s too late. Get in touch with a trusted and insured roofing specialist, who can send somebody out to take a look at the problem area and advise you how it should be treated. The quicker you act the less money it could be costing you.

7 Reasons Why Your Roof Could Be Leaking:

  1. Flashing – This is one of the most likely reasons why your roof could be leaking. Any type of metal strips, fitting or sheets that is used to cover the seam of your roof is known as flashing. If this flashing becomes damaged or eroded, leaks can start.
  2. Skylights – Skylights are a great of allowing natural light into your property. However if they have been installed incorrectly, skylights can be another way they leaks can enter.
  3. Shingles and fasteners – During periods of extreme weather, roof fastenings and shingles can move and become damaged, allowing access for water to get into underneath your roofing. This type of leakage can cause various other issues.
  4. Chimneys – Chimney stacks are prone to collecting water on top of them which can then start to trickle down into tiny cracks and crevices. A large collection of water around the chimney stacks can be another cause of leaks.
  5. Plumbing penetrations – Placing popes through your roof is often unavoidable but can cause future issues. Although builders are fully aware of the potential problems this may cause, they still go ahead and install pipes. The hole created for the piping can leave spaces and allow water to enter in through the ceilings.
  6. The workmanship – Bad quality workmanship and inadequate fitting/installation is another common reasons for why your roof may be leaking. Paying extra for reputable and expert builders can play a huge part in whether your roof is likely to leak of not.
  7. The age of your roof – If your roof is nearing the 15-20 year old mark, then the higher the risk of an issue arising, especially if it hasn’t been had any routine maintenance. The existing roofing may need to be replaced as it’s close to the end of its lifespan.

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