6 Signs You Should Probably Get In Touch With A Plumber

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Most people will only call a plumber when it’s completely inescapable. When the shower has completely given up the ghost or you’re in the basement standing ankle deep in cold water. Lots of people also have a pretty good knowledge of their boiler and heating system, but unfortunately, this doesn’t to save them from potential disaster.

plumberSometimes getting a professional in before it gets too bad is the best way to save yourself money and an awful lot of stress.

We’ve put together this quick list of warning signs for which you should probably seek the advice of a professional:

  1. There is no sign of your hot water. This is more than likely an indication of of a heater breakdown. Getting this issues looked into quickly could be the difference between a small problem and a total boiler failure.
  1. Low pressure. More often than not a lack of water pressure is a result of a problem with the pipes. However sometimes it could be due to corrosion of a build up of something within the water system.
  1. A seemingly never ending clogged drain. It’s pretty normal for drains to get blocked every now and then. This can usually be tackled easily without the assistance of a plumber. However, if the problem keeps occuring in the same drain you may have a separation in the pipe of a more serious root problem.
  1. Alarming water bills. By keeping a close eye on your water bill you’ll be more equipped to spot any anomalous bills. This could be a symptom of a problem! Even small leaks can cause major water waste and as well as costing you lots it could also be causing unwelcome water damage.
  1. Nasty “drainy” smells. Any unusual musty smells coming up from your drains could be a sign of leaks or back-ups. This is one of the first warning signs of a potentially big problem, best to get it checked out before it gets too bad.
  1. Cold pipes that don’t seem to be flowing. If there’s no water flowing in your pips and it has been particularly cold your pipes could be frozen. Without treatment the expanding ice coupled with the cold, brittle pipes could cause serious problems.

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