5 easy home improvements that add value to your home

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In the current and very competitive housing market, homeowners can receive a variety of benefits from making a few simple home improvements.screwdrivers-1073515_960_720

One of these benefits being the ability to increase the value of your home. Whether you decide to make cosmetic changes to the interiors or you decide to take on construction work, we have listed our top five recommendations for easy home improvements that can make a substantial difference:

  1. Consider a conservatory.

There are various aspects that you need to take into consideration when looking to build a conservatory, to ensure that maximum value can be added. In terms of space, a single storey conservatory would require at least 30 square meters of floor space. This type of build would not need building permission or regulation approval. A high spec and good quality conservatory can add anywhere between 50-130% of the typical costs added on to the home value.

  1. Change the exterior.

Making changes to the exterior can improve the overall appearance of a property. Replacing single glazed or rotten windows, adding wooden french doors and purchasing bespoke windows can add the necessary updates to your home. Investing in a brand new front door can also be appealing to potential viewers too.

  1. Give your house a lick of paint.

If you want to concentrate your painting efforts on particular rooms then we would suggest you should paint the master bedroom, lounge and kitchen areas. A fresh coating of paint can stretch a long way and give your property a fresher feel. Whether you plan to stick to minimalist whites or feel like adding a pop of colour, painting is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to improve the aesthetics of your home.

  1. Add extra light.

A great and effective way to do this is by putting up more mirrors. Mirrors are excellent for opening up rooms that have limited access to natural light or where a space is cramped. Hanging mirrors in a hallway is always recommended and this space is often small/narrow and mirrors provide the illusion of more room.

  1. Apply for planning permission.

This may seem far fetched for those not planning to carry out any building work, but applying for planning permission can be very beneficial regardless.Having the permission to potentially build on will appeal to future buyers as it provides access to allow work to begin. This can save them considerable amount of time and money. To start an application, visit the Planning Portal.

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