Which loft lighting is right for you?

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So the decision has finally been made to convert your loft into additional living space. But these areas are known for being dark so you need to carefully consider what type of loft lighting you’d like to have. Making this decision early will ease the conversion process and ensure you get the right solution for you.  skylight

In terms of the loft lighting options available to you, there are three options (if you consider complete darkness an option), artificial and natural lighting.

Artificial loft lighting

Artificial light are considered the easiest way to include light into your loft, as it does not require any construction work to be done. Installing these type of lights only requires a bulb and a switch , but fluorescent lighting can improve brightness and use less energy than traditional incandescent lights.  If you are planning on using your loft just for storage purpose, a light will still be beneficial in comparison to a hand-held torch light. Getting a light fitted is basic work and costs will be minimal.

Natural loft lighting

Natural light is considered the best way to illuminate your loft space. Not only is natural light free, but it can easily bounce off surfaces. Unless you have existing roof windows, you will need to install at least one window to allow the natural light to enter.

This installation job can be done easily if left to the professionals, and requires more time, work and costs than fitting artificial lighting. Depending on the purpose of the loft space we would suggest the more time that you are likely to spend in there the more lighting you require. Deciding what lighting solution is dependant on various factors, but the best suggestion would be to combine both natural and artificial lighting to offer the most flexibility.

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