Building an Eco Friendly Garage

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There are various reasons on why you may want to add a garage extension on to your home. Maybe you need somewhere to park your car overnight or some extra room to store stuff? Or it could be used as a home office or gym, the possibilities are endless. Whatever the reasoning, it could be ultimately adding value to your home. With any home improvement work it is important to consider the environment by selecting green materials to use during the construction work.


When you start to think about green materials, concrete rarely springs to mind. However it does possess many green qualities. The light green colour helps to reflect light and reduce the ‘urban heat island effect’ which is regularly found in built-up areas. This is why cities tend to be warmer than rural locations because buildings have the ability to absorb and reflect heat and radiation. You can help reduce this issue through installing a concrete garage. A benefit of this type of garage is that you could see your energy bills reduced, especially if you use good quality insulation alongside the concrete. This will therefore improve your home’s overall energy rating, which is a big attraction point for new buyers.

If you are serious about building an eco-friendly garage, then you shouldn’t cut back on costs or efficiency when it comes to selecting garage doors. You could actually be saving on your energy consumption if you were to install an insulated garage door. This could save you money over time and will also be proactive in reducing your carbon footprint too. Here are a few interesting facts about insulated garage doors:

  • They come with a weatherproof seal to protect the bottom of the door and effectively keep the cold air out and trap the heat in.
  • Insulated garage doors are made with a triple layer design – consisting of a layer of polystyrene sandwiched by two layers of hard wearing steel.
  • Certain types of insulated garage doors contain a thermal break, excellent for energy efficiency.

As listed above, there are many benefits of installing an insulated garage door – it’s a great way to finish off your eco-friendly garage extension.

But just remember research pays off – so spend the time investigating eco-friendly building methods and materials. By doing so you can save energy and money in the long run and even attract potential buyers with your impressive green credentials.

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