How Green Is Your House?


With more home owners trying to go green, it is important to see how environmentally friendly your property could be. We have produced a list of simple questions to trigger thoughts about your energy consumption.

tapWhat type of light bulbs are you using?

A simple but very effective way of reducing the amount of energy you use is to switch over to energy efficient light bulbs. These are relatively inexpensive and only take a matter of minutes to change. These type of bulbs are beneficial in cutting down the costs you pay for lighting your house, and they tend to last longer too. If you haven’t done already, make this small change and start reaping the rewards.

If you are struggling to remember as far back to the day that you purchased your current fridge or washing machine, the likelihood of them being very energy efficient is small. Huge technological advances have been made in recent years making home appliances the most energy efficient yet. You will be able to buy good quality machines that now use fewer resources and save you on your energy bills. Purchasing new appliances might seem a big investment but you won’t regret it in the long run.

How much water do you waste?

A fairly simple way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to address your water usage.  Many people are using more water than they actually need to. There are some green products that can aid you in using less water, but everyday tasks such as taking a shower and flushing the toilet are second nature. A guaranteed way to improve your water consumption is by purchasing a rainwater storage tank, helping to gather water to use on plants and can even be used for eco-friendly toilets and showers too.

Do your windows and doors let the heat escape?

A common complaint in homes is that the heating needs to be on maximum during the cold months. This requires a large amount of energy to heat a house and it is hard to remain green when doing so. A reason for having to rely on constant heating is due to the heat escaping through windows and doors. By upgrading your windows to doubled glazed uPVC and have well-sealed doors, you can ensure that you retain the heat that you need. This will stop you wasting energy and save you money.

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