The Top Five Must-Have DIY Tools

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DIY in all its forms, is something that almost anybody can get stuck into and enjoy. Of course, preparation is key before you undertake any project or task and an adequate level of skill and knowledge is required. But most importantly you need the right tools for the job. If you are a newbie or if are an expert DIYer who is looking to renew their tool collection, here are the top five must-have tools for DIY and why they are so necessary.

1.The Tape Measure

The trusty tape measure is the key component for a successful DIY achievement. Accuracy is a necessity and where you can rely on your tape measure. With one of these you can guarantee that your work will be done properly.

2. The Saw

The saw in it various forms is a very important tool to have in your collection. From the common handheld saw, to jigsaws and circulars saw, all are crucial for any construction work. Each type of saw can provide greater flexibility from precision to coving and even to the simplest of wood cutting. Whatever the purpose, a saw won’t let you down

3.The Hammer

The classic and reliable tool which has been around for thousands of years, the hammer is an obvious must-have. Renowned for forging and nailing together materials, it can also be used to dismantle and remodel items.

4. The Screwdriver

Along with the above the classic handheld screwdriver is an important tool for those more-delicate or hard to reach places. Again when constructing furniture, a screwdriver is a crucial choice as it can aid the building process by effectively fastening materials together. There are a variety of shapes and sizes so finding one to suit your needs is easy.

5.  The Drill

The drill is one of the most dependable of tools, like all power tools they can quickly and easily aid your DIY task. These are exceptionally useful for building furniture or mounting shelving.

So there we have it, these five tools are essential to help you with your DIY projects. Make sure you purchase your tools from an established company to ensure they are good quality and will last for a long time. Once you’re fully kitted out, you can to get to work and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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