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6 months ago we posted a blog with tips on how to winterproof your bathroom. Now, the days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer and summer is in the air, we thought it would be the perfect time to post some tips on how to get your bathroom ready for summer.

However, whilst protecting your bathroom against the cold and damp of winter is helpful for saving you time and money, getting your bathroom ready for summer is more about redecorating. Embrace the warmth outside in your bathroom and bring the feeling of the summer sun indoors!DM_greenbathroom

Powerful pastels

Pastel colour schemes have been consistently popular over the last few years. There’s nothing quite like them for cheering up and softening a room! This year the pastel trend seems has evolved by being couples with accents of darker colours, such as greys, and also the addition of bold, bright patterns.

The great thing about pastels is that you can incorporate this style into your bathroom without reaching for the paint rollers. Towels are a great way to do this, as it is easy to have multiple colours that complement each other.

If you do fancy a bit of painting, having a feature wall will work wonders with this trend. Pick your favourite pastel colour for one wall will allow you to contrast the rest of the room with that colour.

Get inspiration from nature

We should be inspired by nature all year round, but especially in summer!

Houseplants will always bring the outdoors in and they can work perfectly in bathrooms. With a little bit of research you’ll be able to find varieties that thrive in the warm, humid air of your bathroom. By adding a touch of summer greenery you can create a tropical, spa-like feel and bring a bit of nature indoors.

A good way way to arrange your bathroom jungle is by displaying a range of different plants on a shelf, cupboard or bath surround. Allow any trails of leaves to cascade over the side giving it that natural and luscious look.

Mix and match prints and colours

Think of tropical inspired blinds, bathmats with bold, bright colours as well as bare wood and polished metals. Be brave! Now is the time to experiment with fun colours and pattern combinations.

Blissful black and whites

This is another trend that has been around for years, and it is still going strong. Although you might think there is only one way to do black and white, we have discovered there are many different ways to achieve the monochrome look.

Simple and delicate white walls with a few key black pieces. Geometric black and white tiles or warehouse style walls with faded lined and a hint of grey and charcoals. Or even the black and white prints with bright colours thrown in there to stand out?

Whichever you choose, it’s simple to style to pull off in your bathroom:

  • Black and white tiles on the floors and walls
  • Black bath and storage solutions
  • White mirrors
  • Bright coloured towels and finishes touches

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