5 Plumbing Tips For Every Home

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Everyday in the UK we use on average 150 litres of water per person. From showering, to drinking and washing-up, water plays an important role in daily life. Therefore with such a high importance, we have produced a list of the top 5 plumbing tips that will help you avoid any potential waterworks issues.


Condensation vs. Leaky Roof

Any excess water entering your house can be problematic, so it is crucial to distinguish the source of the issue and fix it effectively. A condensation stain is commonly found near an external wall and presents itself as a collection of small circles with white centres. In order to fix this problem you will need to check whether adequate vapour barriers are present.  If there aren’t any, we would recommend you getting them installed. A leak stain has a distinctively different appearance than that of condensation, as it has a darker centre. To resolve this issue, we would recommend you check the surrounding roof area for possible leaks.

Clean out your gutters

It’s not the most desirable of jobs and can get a bit mucky but it is essential for allowing water to pass easily. Every year wet leaves and other shrubs collect in your guttering and need to be removed. The clearer your gutter the better the flow of water and this will also help to reduce the likelihood of damp forming from the stagnant water.

Abolish that Limescale

Limescale is not your friend, in fact it can be very damaging for chrome fixtures and fittings but can be easily overcome. Avoid forking out on the expensive limescale-busting cleaning products and use a lemon to remove the limescale build-up and stains. This process will also improve the appearance of the appliance. Simply by using half a lemon will benefit the health of both the internal and external of the chrome.

Keeping the pressure high

Water pressure is important for allowing a satisfactory amount of water when required. Low water pressure households commonly suffer with inadequate showers and long waits for the bath to fill. This problem can be solved through improving the water pressure in your home. There are many causes for low pressure including damaged pipes and blockages. If you fail to source the specific issue, then you can purchase a home booster kit which will improve the overall water pressure.

Avoid the Overflowing Toilet

If the water level in your toilet seems to be getting higher and higher, there is a quick and easy technique to avoid the water overflowing. Simply turn the cold water tap on in the bathroom sink, the rise of the water can be slowed down, allowing you time to get the water valve and source a plunger.

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