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If you’re thinking of renovating your cellar you’ve probably already got a lot of ideas in your mind for how you’re going to do it. You might have already thought about what you will use your new space for, possibly you’ve considered the placement of the stairs, the lighting options and the décor. However, one major functional consideration you’ll need to think about is how you’re going to heat converted cellar.

Cellars and basements are naturally cold places, so you can’t get away without a heating solution. During winters, the basement must be kept warm like the rest of the house, so the heating system you choose has to be strong and efficient.

radiatorFour of your top considerations will be: effectiveness, energy consumption, aesthetics and environmental friendliness.

1. Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating systems a popular choice for basements. This is because they’re clean, energy efficient, and heat your space very effectively. By using electricity they warm up the basement by heating up the floor from below. The system can be installed under the floor and/or behind wall panels.

2. Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic heaters work by pushing air across a ceramic heating element within the heater. They tend to be very cost effective and often come with added features such as a temperature sensor, air filter, tip-over switch and anti-freezing. For larger areas, you can buy a ceramic heater that has two heating elements and an oscillating grill. If your main concern with heating your cellar is your budget, a ceramic heater could be the answer.

3. Baseboard Heater

A baseboard heater is works in a similar way to a radiant heating system in that it heats up the flooring and the warm air rises. In the case of the baseboard heater, cold air is sucked towards the floor and gets heated in a continuous cycle. This is a good heating solution if you’re looking for minimal hassle, as baseboard heaters require only very  straightforward installation. They are also a good solution for smaller cellars as they take up very little space.

4. Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are generally heavy-duty and can heat a large space very quickly. This makes them ideal is you’re lucky enough to have a big cellar space. An element in the electric heater quickly warms up the oil inside of them to very high temperatures, quickly spreading heat throughout the room. Electric heaters have the added benefit of being very economical as well as easy to use – though unnecessary for a small basement.

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