Low Maintenance Garden Guide

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Owning a garden is considered a luxury to many potential homeowners. However for those who are planning extensive home improvement building work the garden often gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Gardens provide an excellent area to socialise in and to be at one with nature. This is all well and good until you need to carry out necessary maintenance.  If you lead a busy lifestyle and need every minute of down time, then a low maintenance garden would be ideal for you. This requires minimal time and commitment but still stays intact and an enjoyable place to be in.yard

The question is how is this both achievable and practical? The answer lies within good planning. It is vital for allowing you to build the best and most suitable low maintenance garden for you. We have listed some key design features that will help you create a hassle-free garden…


Sadly, all plants require some sort of attention. However we can cleverly select those that require minimal care whether that is from pruning, watering or feeding. Evergreens are a common example that can be easily added into most gardens with little attention needed. Avoid complex plants such as rose bushes, even as beautiful as they are. Making these informed decisions is not essential to the appearance of your garden, it simply determines the level of upkeep required. We would also recommend talking to a plant specialist at your local garden centre, who could select appropriate and low maintenance plants for your garden.

Ponds and Water Features

Incorporating a pond area into your garden can drastically change the overall look and feel of a garden.  The amount of pumps and filters required plus the responsibility of feeding the fish, does make this quite high maintenance. However, natural ponds that haven’t had added fish will maintain themselves and require minimal attention. Once set-up, water features can also look amazing and require little to no work at all.

Ground Cover

Grass is a common staple in UK gardens but this requires regular maintenance. Artificial grass, decking, paving or gravel can add different and low maintenance textures into your garden. All these options need a lot less care and attention than grass does. Soft rubber flooring can also be an option if you have small children.

Borders and Weeding

Wedding is one the annoying and time consuming jobs that we would rather not do. We would recommend using a protective membrane before planting. This will reduce the amount of weeds pushing through but will not affect the plants, flowers or shrubs that you have planted.

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