Heating your bathroom – Know your options

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Getting the heating right in your bathroom is very important. No one wants to get out of a lovely, warm shower into a cold, unwelcoming bathroom. It’s also very important with preventing the problems with damp. As one of the wettest rooms in your home the risks of water damage are high in your bathroom. Proper heating will help to minimise the issues associated with damp.heating-949081_960_720

Overhead Heaters

Overhead bathroom heaters are very popular due to the fact that they don’t take up any precious floor or wall space – perfect for smaller bathrooms! They’re most commonly found as an all-in-one unit that combines the heater, lights and an extractor fan.

There are two options when it comes to overhead heaters: conventional heaters or infra-red heat lamps. The infra-red lamps have the added benefit of emitting a soothing light into the room.

Installation costs will need to be factored into budget decisions at the planning stages. However, once installed overhead bulb heaters are fairly energy efficient and cheap to run.

Wall Mounted Heaters

Another option for bathroom heating is the wall mounted heater, also known as a panel heater. Wall-mounted panel heaters save on floor space and are reasonably cheap to run. One catch is that a panel heater will take up a significant area of wall space.

These heaters can be installed against the wall, but a unit built into the wall will save space in the bathroom and look appear to be more integrated rather than just an add-on heater.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is arguably the most luxurious type of heating for the bathroom. Nothing beats stepping out of the bath or shower in winter onto a beautifully heated floor.

There are two types of underfloor heating; electric, which uses wires to heat the floor above, or the water, which uses hot water pipes from the central heating to warm the floor.

You can read more about underfloor heating in our previous blog – 5 Things You Need To Know About Underfloor Heating.

It’s worth keeping in mind that underfloor heating requires professional installation, which can be expensive, especially if you go for the water system. Once installed underfloor heating is surprisingly inexpensive to run, consuming approximately the same amount of energy as that used by three 100w light bulbs.

Heated Towel Rails

If your bathroom doesn’t require too much in the way of heating, heated towel rails are an ideal solution. They radiate gentle heat into the room and also heat and dry your towels. A warm towel if always very welcome after stepping out of the shower.

Most heated towel rails are made from stainless steel. As such, they heat up and cool down quickly ensuring that they are cost efficient and more ecological than a traditional heating solution.

Bathroom heaters to match your lifestyle

Think about the usage of your bathroom. For example a busy family bathroom will require a more permanent heating solution than that of a guest bathroom in a second home, for example. Families with young children need to judge how safe their heating solution will be when curious young ones are around. When remodelling a bathroom, style is also an important factor, so choosing a heater which matches the interior style is vital.

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