Quick changes to add value to your home

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Change the cabinet doors

Get the look and feel of a new kitchen without the hours of DIY! Kitchen carcasses (the actual bodywork of the kitchen which makes up the cabinets) are typically built to endure years of use. In most cases you’ll want to update long before you NEED to update. By changing the doors of your units you can change the style dramatically whilst keeping the functional carcass of the kitchen.

Refresh the worktops

Along with the unit fronts, the countertops are the main focal point of your kitchen. Over time they can get tatty and worn, or you can just go off them! This can be fixed with a quick switch around.

Replacing your kitchen worktop isn’t as difficult as you may believe, and a simple replacement can really cast character and set the mood in style. Whether you want a traditional, country kitchen with thick wooden butchers block or a modern masterpiece with granite and marble –  The options are endless!

Rethink the lighting

By replacing and repositioning your kitchen’s lighting, you can enhance its appeal and draw attention to its key aspects.

Replacing your kitchen lighting is an extremely cost-effective way to transform your kitchen space, and a kitchen specialist such as Dream Doors will offer a diverse range of lights to suit every taste and every space. From the gentle radiance of discreet shelf lighting to the striking impact of modern strip lighting, replacement lights can transform the look and feel of your kitchen easily.

Swap the layout

Is your kitchen space a little cramped? Do you find yourself tripping over your feet to get from the oven to the fridge? Remodelling your kitchen’s layout can prove to be a shrewd investment in the long run.

One increasingly-popular style is an open-plan kitchen, especially when the kitchen is integrated into your existing living or dining room. This achieves a dynamic modern look, which can add real value to your home.

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