Tips on Designing a Home Extension

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A house becomes a home from the people who inhabit it. When this living space starts to get cramped, the only option may be to extend your property. However, this demands a lot of thought and planning  so that you are able to get the maximum potential out of your new build.

Sometimes, moving house is not feasible so homeowners are left with no other option than to extend.  A home extension will save you money when compared to a house move and it will also add value to your property. Being the homeowner you have the freedom to improve and enhance the space according to your specific tastes and preferences.


Planning an Extension

The initial thing to do is to begin writing down a plan. Don’t hold back on this, write down all your creative ideas for you to refer back to. It is also helpful to get partners and family members involved in this process. Jot down specific measurements to outline the size and location that you would like for your extension. The purpose and functionality of the extension need to also be noted.

When you are completely satisfied with your initial plan, then it is time for you to hire expert help. It is vital to double check that the plan and ensure all measurements are completely accurate. Any necessary changes will be added at this point.  In most cases, plumbing is a mandatory part that needs to be taken into account when planning an extension. This also applies to electrical work, so you will need to get professionals in for both of these. An architect will help you manage all of this tasks, along with writing up a budget.

Building the Extension

From this point onwards, it is important to follow the plan. To ensure that the project runs smoothly, we would recommend hiring building contractors and project managers. Make sure that all the windows are cleverly placed to ensure maximum daylight enters the extension. Another point to consider is the privacy. Since the contractors will take over your home once the work begins, it is important to make prior arrangements to minimize the hassle caused to your daily routine. Try and reduce the footfall throughout your house, reduce the access and make it easy to enter the extension without trailing through the house. Remember, building work can be rather messy, so avoid getting other areas dirty wherever you can.

We would always advise you to carry out extensive research before buying and materials. This will ensure that you get the best quality products for the best price. Try to select materials that match your existing ones, as this provide an even finished look. After the extension is built then you can begin to experiment with interior design and select a style that you like. Then it won’t be long until you can sit back and enjoy your newly extended property.

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