5 Top Tips for Picking Bathroom Tiles

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  1. Pick your dream tile.

Lots of people won’t have any idea what tiles they really want for their bathroom when they start looking. However, some people will already have a pretty decent idea of what they want or, if not, you will have an idea after a bit of research. If you have a ‘dream tile’ in your mind when you start looking then that’s a good place to start. If it’s a bit more expensive than the budget you had in mind then you can be clever with it. Either find a similar one from an alternative retailer or just have a few of them scattered amongst other, cheaper tiles.

  1. By all means mix tile designs, but try to stick to 3 or fewer different styles.

Taking your dream tile from tip 1 as a starting point, use the colours, shapes and overall design to make the decisions for the other tiles you will include in your bathroom. If your dream tile is a bold and heavily patterned tile choose one of the key elements and try to complement it. Whether it’s a single colour, shape or just a style element, there are enough tiles on the market for you to find the perfect accompaniment.

Typically you will choose a floor tile, a wall tile for the shower/ tub surround or even all of the walls in your bathroom, and an accent tile that will be used as a focal point.  This is just a guideline. Don’t be afraid to break the rules a little bit.

  1. Limit yourself to one statement tile.

With such a huge selection of tiles on the market your bathroom is a perfect place to show off a bit of personality. However, if you’re going to go for something bold and exciting try keep it to one showstopping tile. This will make your look timeless and really create the wow factor that you are going for since it won’t be competing with the other elements in the room.

  1. Think about practicality!

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic is very important. This is something you need to think about when you’re choosing your tiles. When choosing tile for the very wet areas such as around the shower and sink you will probably want to go with porcelain or ceramic as they aren’t porous as all. It’s good to double check to see if they need to be sealed. Tiles made from natural stone require more maintenance and usually do have to be sealed.

  1. Sizing is important

Larger flooring tiles are definitely in fashion at the moment. If this is a style choice you will be making, you can use the same tile cut in smaller sizes in a different area of the bathroom.  For example if you use 12 x 24 tiles on the floor, you can use the same tile on the bathroom floor in 2 x 2s to continue the color across the entire floor, but creating a more slip free shower floor.

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