Personalising Your Doors

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If your budget is tight, or if you live in a rented property, then you might not have a huge amount of power over the doors in your home. This can be an issue if for any reason they’re not to your liking.Personalisingdoors

So we’ve put together this quick blog for a few, cheap and cheerful alterations you can make to your interior doors which won’t break the bank and shouldn’t upset your landlord too much.

  1. Paint the sides of them – Painting doors is a pretty standard DIY activity. However, why not mix it up a bit by painting only the sides of the doors. This might appeal to your if you’re traditional when it comes to the exterior colour of your home and want to stick with a plain white door. Painting the sides a bright colour for the best of both worlds. It will give you a fun, secret pop of personality when the door is opened. You can get creative without it affecting the overall feel of the room.
  1. Add some interesting coat hooks and ornaments – There’s a huge market for fun door hangers or name plates. Anything which will provide a point of visual interest will do! Try shopping about in interesting independent stores or on online shops like Etsy to get something unique to add to your boring door.
  1. Strip them – If you do live in a rented property it will definitely be worth asking your landlord before you try this one. However, it will probably have such a positive result they might be happy to let you carry on! This process will involve stripping back the paint on your old door and revealing the original wood below. This will leave to free to lightly treat your door and be left with the look of bare wood.
  1. Change the way they hang – If you have a small bathroom or bedroom switching the way your door opens can have a huge affect on the room. For example, a bathroom door opening outward might leave you with space for that heated towel rail you wanted. Be sure that all fire escapes are being honoured and check that the new open door won’t be more of a hindrance than previously.
  1. Swap them round – If you have one with glass panels in it, switch it with one that doesn’t. Mix up the light sources in your home to provide a fresh outlook to an old space. Equally, if you have a few door designs that you like more than others you can put them in a more prominent place in your home to make the most of them.

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