Summer is here, get your home ready!

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As the longest day of the year draws nearer, you need to make sure you home is as ready for summer as you are. We’ve put together this quick tips to help save you money and time!window-1208277_1920

Central Heating

Even in the temperamental English summertime, you probably won’t want to use your central heating much. But, keep in mind, if you turn your boiler off for the whole summer, you risk turning it on again in the winter only to a very unwelcome boiler breakdown. To help your boiler function properly, turn it on for a couple of minutes about once a month. This doesn’t need to be for very long, but allowing your boiler to heat the radiators a little bit could save you hassle in the long run.

As you probably already know, don’t leave your heating on all the time; this is a huge waste of money and energy. Combi boilers should be set to supply hot water only, aside from that brief monthly period you turn the central heating on to keep the pipes and components working properly. If you find yourself requiring central heating in the summer months it could be time to think about the energy efficiency of your home!

Boiler replacements

If you suspect that your boiler might be on its last legs, the summer is when you will want to think about replacing it. If you leave it because you don’t need it that much for a few months you might come to regret it when the colder months roll back round and you’re left in a freezing house at the mercy of a boiler repair company.

Not only are older gas boilers more likely to break down than newer models, but they can be more expensive to repair, as their components may no longer be on general sale and must therefore be purchased from a specialist retailer. This often means that old boilers are deemed as beyond economical repair when they break down.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a replacement boiler – contact your energy supplier or the local authority, tell them you are looking for boiler replacement grants, and see what they have to offer.

Energy efficiency

When people think of insulation, draught proofing and other elements that make your home more green only exist to keep your property warm over winter and stop your central heating system from working too hard, but they can also keep your home cooler during the warm summer days. By preventing the sun from penetrating your walls, roof and windows they keep your home as a shady safe haven from the heat. If you are reliant on air conditioning and electric fans in the summer, or if you find your home is roasting hot during the daytime and chilly at night, then you are likely spending money unnecessarily and could improve the habitability of your house by investing in a few simple energy efficiency measures.

Again, local authorities and energy companies have a range of grants and loans they can provide to you to go towards the cost of energy efficient home improvements, so contact your gas and electricity supplier and your council to find out what money you could be entitled to.

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