Troubleshooting for Older Homes


Older homes have plenty of benefits. The charm and style of the era in which they were built, often with high ceilings and quirky finishing touches, as well as an interesting history to go along with it.


However, if you live in an older home you may also by now know some of the issues that come along with the beauty and charm of older buildings. In this short blog we have highlighted some of the more common problems with older houses and some easy ways to tackle them:

Out-Dated Insulation

The technology and materials we use for insulating our homes has come a very long way in past decades. This means that an older home, even one which wouldn’t necessarily be considered that old in the scheme of things, will have insulation which is far from the highest quality. Depending on the year that they were built, some homes might not have any insulation at all. This means that you have to deal with fluctuating extreme temperatures as the seasons change because your home will be ill-equipped to trap heat inside during the winter and keep heat outside during the summer. The result of this will be monumental heating bills in the winter and lots of sleepless, overheated night in the summer.

Blow-in insulation is a great solution to this problem because it eliminates the need for costly removal of your drywall to have a layer of insulation added. This type of insulation requires that you merely cut small holes in your walls and pump insulation through these holes. The alternative would be to install fiberglass insulation, which is much more effective when in place but is significantly more invasive and expensive to install.

Ancient Heating Systems and Radiators

Updating your heating isn’t something you should consider until the insulation is in place, otherwise you risk wasting the money on a house that just can’t keep the heat in.

You can have a great deal of creative freedom with this task. Picking the right boiler is a very important place to start. After you’re done selected the right option for you then you can carefully plan the best places to add radiators to maximise heat and style in your home.

Badly Planned Out Storage

Typically, older homes tend to be lacking in large closets and storage spaces, especially the built in, space saving ones typically found in new builds. But there are some effective ways to tackle this problem without breaking the bank or needing to dismantle your home too much. Start by thinking outside the box and looking for storage spaces in unexpected places throughout your property. These could include areas like those beneath and between your windows, where you can install cabinets which can also double up as a seating area. You can also create your own closet in a room if it’s large enough to do so. Do it yourself or hire a builder to install extra walls and a door that can serve as your new closet.

Aged Electrics

Old, tatty and out-dated electrics can be very dangerous. They are common causes of fire or electric shocks and should be taken very seriously. Key warning signs to keep an eye out for could be frayed or cracked insulation on your electrical wiring, old and inefficient aluminium wires, or outdated circuit breakers. If you have issues with your wires flickering, or you’ve spotted any of the above signs it is probably time to give an electrician a call.

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