Useful tips for choosing a fireplace

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Choosing a new fireplace can be a daunting task. Often it’s hard to find the right design to match your taste in decor and lifestyle – as well as your price range. With the right research you’ll find the perfect fireplace to complement your home in no time, and a quick read through these top tips will give you a starting point.


Energy efficiency.
Today’s homeowners are considerably more conscious of the amount of energy they use in their homes, and many look for easy ways in which they can cut down this amount to become more energy efficient. When it comes to fireplaces there are a number of ways to improve this and simultaneously cut down on energy bills in a few simple ways.

One example is to install a tempered glass door. This will limit the amount of warm air that is allowed to escape from your home when the fireplace isn’t being used, so the room remains warmer for a longer period of time. Your heating won’t just be more efficient, you’ll also notice a decrease in heating bills because it means there will be less fuel used.

A fireplace that has a heat exchange system, such as a balanced flue is also a good idea. It changes cold air into warm air which is then pushed back into the room, meaning less energy is wasted.

Interior design tips.
As far as interior design goes, your fireplace choice mainly depends on whether you favour a traditional or modern look.

If your taste is more traditional, inglenook style fireplaces made with brick, stone and wooden beams might be the best option. This style is really versatile which means it can be combined with either a gas or electric stove.

The fireplace surround is the final finishing touch and the design is completely up to you. The options are endless, it all depends on how you would like the room to feel. Do you want to bring the outside in? Opt for a warm and welcoming wooden surround. Prefer a modern feel? Go for a glossy sleek marble surround and keep it minimalistic and contemporary.

Advice on heating.
Whilst it’s important for a fireplace to look good and act as a focal point in a room, it’s also vital that it does its job by taking care of your household’s heating needs. The heat you require is determined by the size of the room. This means no energy is wasted but also that the room isn’t overheated.

Gas fires have a high heat output and are able to instantly heat an entire room using very little energy. Gas and electric fires are very easily controlled in terms of efficiency, because you can adjust the heat output depending on your own comfort and needs.

Financial tips.
Money saving forums are a great way of estimating the costs involved when going out and getting a new fireplace. They’re also a good way to see what others who are in the same position as you think. They can make it easier to decide on a particular style as well as how much it will cost to have it installed.

Forums like Money Saving Expert can help you to feel more informed about a project before going to a professional. The cost can differ significantly between companies, so finding exactly what you need before talking to an expert to make sure that there are no hidden costs involved.

Choosing the right fireplace can be a mammoth task, not least because it’s vital to ensure that the sizing is correct. It needs to be big enough so it isn’t drowned out in the room, but small enough so that it doesn’t completely overwhelm the space.

A few things to consider:
1. Fireplace proportions.
2. Overall size of room.
3. Ceiling height.
4. Fireplace against flat wall/chimney breast.

Don’t let your doubts put you off finally taking the plunge and getting the fireplace you always wanted, there are a myriad of resources ready at the click of a mouse (or the turn of a page if you’re old-school).

Regardless of whether energy efficiency is important to you, or if you need help deciding on the style and design that would be the best fit for your home, it should be no trouble to find some info to help, according to your individual needs and budget.

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  1. Thank you for much for mentioning that the fireplace you choose may depend on the size of the room you’re going to place it in since you don’t want the room to overheat or for it to not be hot enough. My husband and I are considering buying a new fireplace for our living room before the weather gets colder. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for one that matches the size of the space we’re going to put it in.

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