Tips to keeping your Home Improvements current


We can all dream that our houses will look like the million pound showhomes we all see, but the reality is most of us are on a budget. However, this doesn’t mean we are unable to create a beautiful home within our means.

building-1080602_1920It would be silly to assume that we all know what we are doing when it comes to carrying out home improvements.

There are many ways to enhance your living space but it is important to combine creativity with practicality and ensure you have the resources to do so.

Stick With the Basics

The idea of doing work to your home can often feel very overwhelming, especially when initial plans go slightly off track. You may feel that the more design elements you include the better the final appearance. However this is not the case. Simplicity is the key to making it work. If you are confused on what patterns and colour schemes work well together, select a plain colour for the furniture that can easily adapt to a change in decor.

Add a spot of colour

Colour often gets forgotten about when it comes to home improvements. The rule is not to go too overboard. Start off simple by introducing a colour to one or two walls in a room, and select a feature colour for the other soft furnishings.

Remember that colours can bring character into a room and create a specific atmosphere. We would recommend avoiding the same colour in every single room as this can reduce the uniqueness of each room. However at the same time, too many colours can be confusing. So pick colours that compliment each other but still offer enough variation too.

Redesigning is a skill

Before you think of starting your home improvement project, you will need to put your style and design skills to the test. Common mistakes often happen when you base your designs on what you find appealing rather than what would suit your property in terms of practicality and style.

We would recommend for you to carry out extensive research before taking on any redesign project. You can gain great inspiration from design magazines and the internet. This will allow you to identify any trends that stand out to you. The opinion of others may help you too, especially if you are indecisive.

Don’t over complicate it

Whether it is bold abstract prints and patterns, or a combination of textures and materials, it is important not to go too overboard on the details. It is helpful to keep in mind that home improvements are supposed to enhance the quality of your living area not the other way around.

Before letting your creative juices do their job, we would suggest having an established plan for the interior design for each of the areas that you are improving. Sticking to current trends will ensure that the additional extras such as furnishing are also up-to-date.

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