Features To Include While Building Your New Home

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Building your home from scratch allows you to include everything you could possibly need and want.  Many additional extras are simple and relatively affordable to include during the construction process rather than waiting a few years. By incorporating these extras into the building project you can save yourself money, time and hassle. If you have started planning to build your new home, this is the time to consider what features would be valuable to you.solar-panels-943999_1920

Built-In Storage Systems

Additional storage such as built-in cabinets, closets and under-stair space – are much easier to include during the initial construction of your home. It might be hard to envisage how much storage you need, but it is better to have too much storage than too little. Adding pull out storage, shelving in the garage or wardrobes in unused floor or wall space can be especially useful.

Underfloor Heating

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up and stepping foot onto a warm floor. Having underfloor heating installed is relatively cheap and is very energy efficient when compared to other heating options. However, if you look to get this installed after the flooring has been laid, this will cost you considerably more.

Home Technology

Technology makes up a large segment of our everyday lives. There are many innovative devices and gadgets that can be added into your home including voice-activated lighting and remote controlled appliances.  Having these pre-installed means that you can enjoy them as soon as you move in. Home entertainment systems are also a point for consideration, make sure you include space for your TV, boxes and consoles into your building and room designs. It is helpful to get the wiring done beforehand, to ensure set-up is extra easy for when you move in. And don’t forget the Wi-Fi!

Features for Your Pet

Custom made pet beds, flaps and food areas can be added into the design of your house. It is easier to include it beforehand rather than having to make alterations once the construction is complete.

Eco-Friendly Extras

Have you considered solar panels, recycled materials or energy-efficient appliances?  Whether big or small, any eco-friendly changes can make a positive effect and even help to reduce bills. Extras can include eco-friendly paint,recycled floor materials to low-flow toilets.

Making the decision to build your home from scratch instead of buying allows you to customise it to meet all your requirements. Therefore, you should take the time to research and consider all the features you may want to include in the future and add them into the initial construction process. You will be glad you made the decision beforehand!

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