Future investments for your home

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Even if you do not have any plans to sell your property anytime soon, it is still a good idea to consider its potential future value. If the day arises when you want to sell your home, you want to ensure that you get the maximum amount of money for it. So here at Home & Build we have created a list of good ways to invest in your homes value.



When discussing the future trends, green homes remains high on the agenda. Home owners are making conscious efforts to make their home and lifestyles Eco-friendly. So if you start making some small changes now, this could add value to your house in the future. The demand for living sustainably is set to grow, so adding green attributes to your property is beneficial. Ways to make your house greener could be to replace the heating system, add more insulation and install solar panels.

Parking Areas

Off-road parking is a sought after feature for many drivers and can add value to your property. Busy suburban areas are often filled with cars, therefore making off-road parking almost a necessity. Creating an off-road parking arrangement is relatively inexpensive and straightforward. Whether that is a driveway or a secure garage, paying that little bit extra is very beneficial to all parties.

Loft Conversion

Transforming your old loft space into a new liveable area is an excellent way of improving your home and increasing its value. You can convert this space into an additional bedroom. You might have to sacrifice the storage space, but a bedroom is far more important and functional. For many home owners, an attic is a dark empty space covered in dust and cobwebs with a few miscellaneous boxes in.  There could be multiple other uses for this extra room including a home office area, playroom or gym. Whatever the purpose may be, you are guaranteed to add value to your property.

Increasing Space

This may seem an obvious factor to include, but it can be a crucial aspect to consider for a range of properties. One of the best and most common ways to add extra space is through an extension. Although this can be a pricey option, adding an extension or conservatory adds so much potential to a property. There are other ways of creating the impression of space within your home through knocking down internal walls to create an open plan living space.


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