How to make the most of your shed

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It can be a common assumption that a shed is nothing more than a storage space at the bottom of the garden. We fill it with tools and random bits that we can’t fit anywhere else all the while forgetting that a shed can be so much more than that. messy shedIt’s a separate space from the rest of the house that can quite easily be turned into a room, a secret foray at the bottom of the garden that’s perfect for anything and everything. The possibilities are endless and today we’re going to share some of the best ways to maximise your shed’s potentials. We promise that soon you’ll be seeing your shed in a whole new light.

A gym: So many of us try and squeeze time at the gym into our busy schedules and often find that it seems like an arduous task, especially when it means that it keeps us away from quality family time and stops us from getting enough hours sleep to function. That’s when we decide to push exercise onto the back burner. This is why it’s a brilliant idea to turn your shed space into a home workout room. That way you can exercise whenever suits you best. It’s a win win situation!

A library: This one’s for all of you out there who have had enough of trying to build new bookcases, who are tired of putting up shelves and are sick of tripping over the stacks of books around the house that seem to be growing by the day. Use your shed as a space for them all and maybe furnish the room with a comfy chair and a cosy rug, ideal for those days where all you want to do is to curl up and get lost in another world.

An office: If it seems impossible to find peace and quiet in your home, then turning your shed into an office could be the answer. You can get your head down and get on with things without having to worry about being disturbed by other family members. Don’t forget the added bonus of a view of the great outdoors!

A games room: There’s nothing better than having a space for when friends come over. Fill the space with a pool table, maybe tack up a dart board on the wall or simply keep this as somewhere that’s ideal for playing board games on those rainy days where you don’t want to venture too far.

A shed can be a great asset to your home but it’s up to you to find the best way to make use of that extra space. Get creative and you might be surprised by the end result!

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