How to make your hallway look bigger

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It can be really frustrating when you have a home which you’re really happy with apart from one little problem- the size of the hallway. At first it didn’t seem like too much of a problem, but as time goes on you realise that the halls feel dark and dank in comparison to the rest of your house. It seems like a silly idea to put your house up for sale just because of a hallway and that’s why we’re here to help you make them look bigger so that they’re an asset to your home instead of an issue.hallway

Put up mirrors- Mirrors give the illusion that there’s more space than there actually is, perfect for making a hallway look larger. Try adding quirky mirrors in different shapes and sizes for a more modern effect, or just add one large mirror for a classic effect.

Try to keep the hallway free of furniture– Having bulky furniture in a tiny space will immediately make it feel closed in. It’s best to keep your hall as clutter free as possible so that you can walk around freely without being in danger of bumping into things. If you do insist on having some form of storage for coats, shoes and bags, go for something which is minimalist and simple that keeps the mess out of sight.

Paint the walls a lighter colour- Lighter colours, such as whites or creams, create an instant brighter feel as well as making the hallway look clean and fresh, definitely the opposite from dark and dank.

Let the doors do the talking- A great trick is to paint any doorways a bright colour that stands out. In contrast, they stand out against the lighter walls look making the space feel as if it’s more spacious than it actually is.

Change the lighting- Instead of one big light, it could be more benenficial to invest in lots of little lights along the sides of the hallway. Just be careful that the after effect is not too blinding; perhaps go for warm lighting so that it does not look too harsh or tacky.

Remember that the key to creating a larger hallway is to make it look lighter. Once you’ve got that nailed, enclosed hallways will be a thing of the past. Do you have any tips for making your hallway look bigger? Let us know.

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