Tips for decorating your first home

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You’ve finally done it. After years of saving you’ve managed to get onto the property ladder. You have your own little piece of the world which you can do whatever you like with. It feels brilliant… until you realise that you have to decorate it. decorating

You might find that you don’t have a grasp on simple DIY tasks such as painting a wall or putting up a shelf. Suddenly that feeling of relief starts to fade and the feeling of dread returns. But don’t panic. Getting the basics right to begin with makes things one hundred percent easier along the way. When you buy your next home, you’ll probably find it easier still, which is why it’s vital that you start at the beginning now. Here’s some tips to get you started:

Buy the furniture essentials first- The first things you need to buy are the simple things. You need a bed, you need a sofa, and you need a kitchen that works. Items simply for entertainment, such as a pool table, can wait till later once you’ve settled in and worked out if there’s room for them.

Focus on one thing at a time- When you’re new to decorating, possibly the worst thing you can do is to start trying to do everything at once. Plan things out carefully and perhaps think about focusing on one room at a time. This way you can have your full attention on the job meaning that things don’t get finished to a mediocre standard or even worse, get left half finished.

Spend time and money on the rooms you know you’ll use – Buying a new house can be a perfect excuse to start splashing out on things that you don’t really need but which you tell yourself you do. Therefore, it’s important to have a think about the rooms that you’ll spend the most time in. For example, there’s no point in spending all of your budget on doing up the spare room when the bathroom’s neglected.

Think about your colour scheme- Colour schemes are something that you can’t run away from when decorating your new home. They can either make or break a house as they’re often the first thing that people notice. Consider your colour palette and things should flow from there whether it be rugs, cushions, curtains etc.

At the same time, don’t colour coordinate everything- Although it can be tempting to match everything perfectly, sometimes this doesn’t come across well in home interiors. It can look quite impersonal, as suddenly your home is a replica of the display window at your local home store rather than representing what you like and who you are. By all means make sure things match, but sometimes simply adding a random pop of colour can be the quirk that makes a house a home.

The most important thing to remember is that perseverance is key. You’ll get there and when you do, it’ll be worth it. Happy decorating!

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