Green roofs: What you need to know

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In our day and age, being more sustainable is something that a lot of us are considering in all aspects of our lives. One of the latest trends is having a ‘green’ roof, a roof that is flat and pitched so that plants can grow on top of it creating an eco habitat that helps the environment more than the average. They help in a multitude of ways as they improve air quality, help surface water runoff, conserve heat energy and offer a layer of noise and sound insulation, as well as providing a bio diverse environment for wildlife.greenroof-01

So should you have one?

Green roofs can be a worthy building investment. As they help with surface water run off, it can mean that your home has less leaks and also that the sewage systems around your property do not fill up as quickly. It can mean that you don’t have to maintain your roof as much, and that you won’t need to replace it in the same way that you would an ordinary roof.

Another benefit to having a green roof is that it can save you money in the long run as it’s likely to keep your energy costs down. Having the extra layer of plants helps to insulate the heat, especially if your property has a long roof as the insulation tends to be thicker and therefore more efficient.

Having a green roof really helps the wildlife in your area, especially if you live in a city or a town where green spaces are few and what little that there are tend to be mistreated by the public. It means that insects and birds have perfect places to live and nest where they will not be affected by negative human interference. Public parks are used by people every day with little respect for their surroundings as they make noise and discard litter.Green roofs: What you need to know

Green roofs are a great way of creating a green space for you too. If you’re living in a property with little outdoor space, use your roof instead. You can take time out to feel closer to the outdoors by gardening, or can simply soak up the sun as you watch the little patch of nature that you’ve created, grow.

Green roofs could be the way forward in creating a sustainable society, and although they might not be for everyone, they’re definitely something to consider. Have you got a green roof or have you thought about having one? Let us know.



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