When is it time to replace your front door?

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Despite it being a simple task, people can find the idea of replacing their exterior door intimidating, meaning that as a household DIY job, it’s often not a priority. However, having a front door that has been well maintained not only keeps your property looking attractive and safe, it’s also vital in the process of keeping the cost of your energy bills down. We understand that sometimes it’s hard to know exactly when you need to replace it and what signs to look out for, which is why we’re going to give you a helping hand.Front door

If you have a wooden door, then the first thing to look out for is rotting wood. Although it might not look like much of a problem to begin with, as time goes on it could become a bigger problem, especially as the weather turns and it acts as a barrier against the elements. It could also lead to gaps in the door or problems with shutting it, which could let in the cold and also makes you an easy target for burglars looking to break in. If you have a steel door, look out for tarnishing which could cause similar issues.

If you’ve noticed that your front door is no longer closing properly, or not as well as it did previously, then this could be a definite sign that it’s time to replace it. A good way to test it is by checking the way that the door closes in exactly the same way every time, despite the weather. If you notice that on hotter days it seems to be shutting more tightly, then that’s a clear indicator that you need a new door. It means that there’s gaps for cold air to squeeze through, not something that you want!

Do you have a door which includes glass? If that glass is double pained then you should check what the moisture situation between the two pieces of glass is like. Moisture can lead to mould, something that you definitely don’t want people to see as soon as they arrive at your house! This is a sure sign that it’s time to replace that front door.

If you’ve had a door for years, then it goes without saying that it’s probably time that you replaced it. Perhaps you moved into a property that already had a door fitted. If this was the case, especially if it is an older house, then the door may not be well insulated. Wooden doors are often the worst for this, and it means that your door is susceptible to wear and tear. A good solution to this is to have a composite door fitted which is much more hard wearing as well as efficient.

There’s no excuse for a house with a worn out front door. If you do regular checks on yours then you’ll have a more aesthetically pleasing and more economical house, a combination you just can’t say no to.What are you waiting for?



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