Choosing your kitchen sink

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Although it may not be the most integral part of your house planning, finding the right kitchen sink is still important. Your kitchen really isn’t complete without one. You have to make sure that the sink you choose allows you to get everything that you want out of it. Kitchen sinkYou need to find the right balance between what it looks like and how well it does the job. So where do you start?

Well first of all, what sort of size do you need? Think back to previous sinks that you’ve used. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to wash up in a sink that isn’t deep enough or wide enough to clean your dishes properly and thoroughly.

If you have a big family and you frequently use the sink, then you may decide that you want more than one bowl. This is particularly useful if you’re often busy in the kitchen. For example, you could use one of the bowls for washing up and one for food preparation. If considering this option, then you need to keep how much space you have to work with in mind. It may not be plausible for having two, or you may find that you have to have different sized bowls.

You also need to decide what sort of material you want. If you need a sink that is hard-wearing as well as easy to clean, then why not go for the classic stainless steel? If you prefer something more traditional, then why not go for porcelain? Beware that these can easily chip. Other materials to consider are natural stone or granite composite, both of which are becoming more popular. Take into account what the theme of your house is- there’s no point in choosing a modern design if you’re aiming for a character house.

Last but not least, do you need any accessories for your sink? Despite not being a necessity, they do have their benefits. If you’re keen to get rid of the crumbs and scraps of food that inevitably get everywhere, why not add a waste disposal unit? If you tend to have a lot of washing up, then a rack could be useful for drying the pots and pans. It also means that you don’t have to bother with the task of drying up. If you choose a material that is prone to chipping, then it could be worth buying a washing up bowl. They’re cheap, easily replaceable and they add an extra layer of protection, therefore giving you extra piece of mind over your brand new sink.

Don’t forget to think about your sink. It could be the difference between a kitchen that doesn’t work well for you and one that works for you perfectly.  


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