Conservatory roofs: Glass vs Polycarbonate

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A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your home, particularly if you only have a small house and need that extra space. They help to bring the outdoors into the indoors, something that we definitely need in Britain where it’s rare that we get warm sunny days! Conservatory RoofThat’s why you want to make sure that everything is exactly the way that you want it, including the roof. The roof of a conservatory can really make or break the overall design. If you choose the wrong type, then you may find that the temperature of the room is always to extremes, whether that’s too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer. It can be quite confusing when there are different options available, so we’re hopefully going to shed some light on conservatory roofs so that your new extension meets every single one of your expectations.

Glass roofs:

This is the most popular choice that people tend to go for, and there is a reason for that. Part of the joy of having a conservatory is how light they are and how they allow you to see out into your garden. Having a glass roof adds to airy feel. You can even have specialised glass put in which keeps the room insulated, but at the same time maintains a steady temperature. If you live in a busy, built up area, then you may have concerns over the soundproofing of glass. Well, banish that worry from your mind, as glass can be much more sound proof than other materials including polycarbonate plastic. You also have the option of double glazed glass which will ensure this even further.

One issue with a glass conservatories is the amount of glare that comes in when it’s bright and sunny outside. They can also show up dirt very easily and therefore need a lot of maintenance in terms of cleaning, not to mention that they can be expensive and time consuming to put in initially, as well as when being replaced.

Polycarbonate roofs:

In recent years, there are has been a bit of a debate over whether these are better than glass roofs. They are very strong and durable meaning that you know this type of roof is a good investment. People often choose polycarbonate because it’s significantly cheaper than a glass roof, as well as the fact that it’s much easier to install meaning that you can have your conservatory up and running in no time. You don’t have to deal with the worry of being blinded by the sun when it’s nice outside as the amount of glare is reduced.

On the other hand, having this type of roof means that you no longer have the option of looking at the sky, which can be one of the bonuses of having a conservatory. They’re also extremely noisy when it’s raining which could limit you to only using the conservatory when it’s not raining.

There are both positive and negatives to polycarbonate and glass roofs. Hopefully we’ve helped you to understand which type would best suit you.


2 thoughts on “Conservatory roofs: Glass vs Polycarbonate

  1. A short yet information article – thank you! I would always suggest that those looking to replace their conservatory roof consider polycarbonate. Whilst they are cheaper they are also very durable and provide incredibly longevity. I do, however, agree that the inability to stare up at the stars is unfortunate. This is as polycarbonate roofing sheets are somewhat ‘misty’.

    Once again, thank you for sharing the brilliant article. Whatever you end up choosing, please do consider both polycarbonate and glass as an option. Thankfully, there are many suppliers of both across the UK.

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