Have you thought about underfloor heating?

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’re back to that time of year where the hats, gloves and scarves are out again. It’s freezing, and the temperatures are set to keep on dropping as we move further into the winter months. That’s why today’s topic is underfloor heating. This modern home feature is becoming more popular as our knowledge of technology improves and we want a taste of the luxury lifestyle. Before you start to worry about the costs of it, hear us out as we go through the pros and cons. After all, it can’t hurt to at least consider something that will keep us that little bit more toasty!underfloor heating


It’s efficient. What more could you want? Due to the nature of heat (in that it rises), underfloor heating tends to heat a room very efficiently. It helps to lock the heat inside the room, perfect for those of you who love the idea of hibernating inside in the warmth all winter! It almost means that it could potentially cut down your energy costs.

It’s out of sight. Unlike your radiators, underfloor heating, as the name suggests, takes place underneath your floorboards. It gives you more room in your living space and means you don’t have to consider the position of the radiators when deciding on the layout of your room.

It’s worth noting that underfloor heating can even do the job so brilliantly that you may no longer have a need for radiators in your home. Radiators don’t tend to be as useful anyway, as their heat doesn’t spread in the same way and tends to be more isolated.


Underfloor heating can take a while to kick in. It unfortunately takes longer to heat up than your radiators will. Therefore, if you’re not planning on spending a great deal of time indoors and you just want a quick fix solution, then this may not be for you. Stick to the system you already have in place.

Underfloor heating doesn’t work well in a house that is prone to draughts and that isn’t well insulated. It won’t heat up quick enough and the heat will just seep out of the room.

Underfloor heating is difficult to change or uninstall once it is in. This could cause problems if you decide to move house and want to take your heating system with you, or if you find that it just isn’t working for you in general.

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