Should you remove your chimney stack?

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Although a lot of houses currently have chimneys, most no longer need them or make use of them. Although they were popular in the past, more and more people are steering well away from gas fires and are veering towards the more stylish log burner or an electric fire. Left neglected, the chimney stack can become an eyesore or even cause leaks in your roof, so why not get rid of yours and save yourself the trouble of trying to get it repaired?chimney stack
Let’s look at the pros and cons.


Often chimneys can cause damp in your home which is in no way good for your health and can also cause the inside of your home to be left in ruin. By removing the chimney, you remove these problems but you should get a roofing expert to patch up the roof properly.

Chimneys can look ugly and old fashioned. Often, getting rid of the stack makes your house look more aesthetically pleasing, and in some cases, particularly if it is really unstable, it can increase the value of the house.

It can be cheaper to remove the chimney stack rather than having to keep repairing it. The maintenance of it can also be expensive. Getting rid of it completely is more cost effective in the long run.

It doesn’t take too long to do. It all depends on the size of your chimney, but by getting professionals in, it can be done and dusted within a few days.


Before doing anything, you need to check that you actually can get rid of it. For example, if you live in a listed building, then the chimney may be protected and there could be issues with removing it. This could also be the case if you live in a conservation area. You don’t want to lend up getting into trouble- you could be slapped with a fine or faced with remedial action if you don’t check your facts first.

You may be using the chimney even if you don’t realise it. This is because in many older houses, the old gas central heating system uses the chimney flue whilst getting rid of carbon monoxide as the gas is burned. Make sure that you check this isn’t the case in your home.

It can be an expensive job – getting rid of the chimney stack itself can take a lot of effort due to its weight, and you need to remember that once it’s removed, you’ll need to get a roofer involved to patch up the hole that it has left behind.

Have you had any experience of removing your chimney stack? Share your experience with us.

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